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AmazonBasics Tritan 10-Piece Locking Food Storage Container

AmazonBasics Tritan 10-Piece Locking Food Storage Container

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The AmazonBasics Tritan 10-Piece Food Storage Set features five pieces of food storage containers, each with a lockable lid. The multiple units storage set is an ideal storing option for your Kitchen pantry to have things settled and organized.

Key Features


All these storage boxes are made up of high-quality and sturdy plastic material. Each box is manufactured with durable Tritan plastic, which is of supreme quality. The manufacturing material is resistant to retaining any food odor or stain. Thus, you could store a variety of edibles in the same boxes after each other. For example, you could store dessert in a container used to store pasta. Furthermore, the boxes could be used longer as they don’t retain stains and stay gleaming after every wash.

Components of the Set

The set has two 0.5-cup containers with lids, two 1.69-cup containers with lids, and one 4.2-cup container with a lid.

Multi-Purpose and Convenient

The storage set offers you to store a variety of edibles like dry fruits, leftovers, quick meals like lunch for school or office, cereals, or other food ingredients. The boxes are clear and transparent, so you don’t need to open the box to identify stored components. You could also label the boxes for your convenience.

Lockable Lid

Every storage box has a lockable lid that closes the box firmly. The firm lids facilitate airtight packing and leak-proof seals. These features enable safe storage and transportation of food, even liquid items like soups, sauces, desserts, etc., without a mess.

Freezer, Dishwasher, and Microwave-Safe

Most of the storage containers are freezer and dishwasher-safe. What makes Tritan Storage boxes unique is their microwave-safe feature. What could be more convenient than taking a food box out of the refrigerator and putting the same box in the microwave to warm your food without changing the box?

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Last modified: mayo 21, 2023